the koala club


If you’re like us, you probably have 2-3 places in your head you want or need to fly to next. It maybe to see a friend, attend a wedding, escape for a family holiday or a romantic weekend away with your loved one….


… But the only problem is, we sit down to start searching flights and get frustrated that there’s nothing currently on sale for what we desire. The reality is, to bag a deal you need to be either planning way ahead, or spontaneously flexible and last minute! Depending on which of those personalities you are – The Koala Club is here to help you.


We’ve built The Koala Club to bring you the best airline and aviation deals out there. Sit back, and let us bring you the latest offers from around Australia… and when you see what you’re looking for – book it! There are so many great deals running each day by airlines – but unless you’re glued to a computer searching for them, how would you know?


How do I join?

The Koala Club is 100% free. To be part, simply join our email list or one of our social communities.

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Three easy ways to receive the best deals out there! Don’t forget to invite your friends and spread the Koala love!


How does it work?

We have an Australian third-party partner that compiles and searches over 100 airlines to look for great deals. Sometimes it’s the airline directly that are offering the sale – or a travel agency such as Expedia. Most of the deals are flying with: Virgin Australia, Jetstar, Qantas, Tiger Air, Scoot, Etihad and Singapore Airlines.


Who runs this site?

Glad you asked. Hello there! We’re Lachlan & Larita. We’re a Brisbane based couple who love travelling, and getting a sweet deal!

This site began from Lachy’s friends always constantly asking him what cheap flights are running… One night an idea sparked and Lachy turned nocturnal and build The Koala Club. This whole site is powered by iWantThatFlight.com.au technology (another great Aussie owned business), which searches over 100 airlines to bring you the best flight prices. We hope you enjoy this site, and stay connected to the best deals from the email newsletter. – L & L


Flexibility is key. We bring you all the options.

The best part of our Koala deals is we show you all the cheapest date pairs. As you scroll through the fares you can plan a trip around the cheapest dates to bag the best deal! It’s also just generally good to learn and be aware of when airlines are running offers and deals. The Koala Club is continually studying patterns of sales and offers of airlines, to eventually give you great suggestions on when to book. Koala’s are smart creatures after all.


Crazy good deals. And we think it’s getting better!

Air travel is becoming more and more affordable and the quality of travel is rising with better aircraft and more competitive pricing. The Koala Club has seen some crazy deals in recent months, like $9 domestic flights, or $300 return flights to Japan. If you haven’t joined – you could be missing out of the perfect flight!