Want To Own The Koala Club?

the koala club

Our beloved community is up for grabs – only to a good owner! We’re looking for someone to take the run of this site and continue growing it. So if you’re an Aussie, love travel, know how to run WordPress and social marketing then you could be the right fit! Send confidential enquiries to koalaclubflights@gmail.com to learn more.


Why selling?

Hi there, Lachlan here, founder of Koala… I’ve decided I want to let someone else grow this website as I have a stack of other projects to put my limited time and resource into. I love The Koala Club, and see huge potential in it… But I also know that without my full focus it can only ever live to half its potential. That being said, I’m keen to see if flourish in the hands of someone else who is passionate about travel deals and creating a fun online community to share.


Side note – I’m also getting married! The next season will be a little hectic, hence the timing of the sale. If you’re interested, hit me up on twitter or email koalaclubflights@gmail.com


I’m not charging a bomb for this site + community. I want to make it very affordable for other young entrepreneurs to grab it and run with it. With the sale, you’ll get a sweet brand, the whole website and social accounts + affiliate login site. I will also continue to support The Koala Club from my Austraveller.com.au site, by sharing posts and keeping hyperlinks to direct traffic as much as I can. I’m really keen to see this site continue to grow!


What you get:

– The pre-built brand, assets and design
– WordPress website (need to transfer to your own hosting… I use Godaddy.com)
– The domain name (also currently under Godaddy.com)
– Facebook page with genuine community of Aussies who love travel
– Instagram account
– Travel Massive Profile
– Mailchimp account with subscribers (name+email)
– Email account (free gmail acc)
– Login to iwantthatflight affiliate account (+$25 active credit sitting in there to cash out!)


I will help you transfer everything across smoothly for you. I will charge a small fee for this.


PS – Just throwing it out there, I’ve been stealing people from Iknowthepilot facebook page just by liking user comments. Everyone there is Australian and so if you can find a facebook bot to target pages then you’re target market is essentially there! Our site is a better, cleaner package – just not as heard of yet. So I use their page as the goal for size and scope. They’ve got 250,000 LIKES! That just shows how keen people are for travel! 😉


Still keen? Put in an offer! Let’s chat 😃